Travel Tips

Egypt Travel Agency seeks to ensure your holiday is as successful as possible but the simplest injury or illness can ruin any well-planned holiday. Please read through the advice below, which was compiled with our customers, to make sure your trip is illness and injury free.

Eating & drinking in Egypt

  •  Eat the same amount as you do at home – don’t each too much on an all inclusive holiday
  •  Drink alcohol after 5pm if possible – extreme heat and lots of alcohol do not mix well
  •  Avoid salads washed in tap water unless you have visited Egypt a few times and your body has got used to the water


  • Ration how many NEW foods you try in the first 2 days
  •  Always drink lots of bottled water
  •  Always wash your hands before eating

Physical care

  •  Keep the air conditioner on low! Go from the extreme heat straight into very cold air-conditioned rooms makes most people ill
  •  Wear good quality sunglasses
  • Wear a strong factor sun cream for the first few days and then decrease it
  •  Take sunhats or scarves – the midday heat is very strong
  •  Take flat supportive shoes or trainers if site-seeing


Most people won’t need anything and there are chemists everywhere as well as Doctors on board all Egypt Travel Agency cruise ships but some people might like to consider taking a medical pack which contains: Plasters, medicine for bowel problems, paracetamol, antiseptic cream, cold sore cream, allergy pills, calamine lotion for any sunburn you might experience and a full supply (plus a few days more) or any medicines taken daily. Take all necessary medicines in your hand luggage.

Personal safety

Egypt Travel Agency is proud to say that Egypt is a very safe country to visit and to live in and is therefore relatively crime-free. It is a very safe country to walk in at all times of the day and night. However, regular travel advice applies to all travelers everywhere:

  •  Keep money in separate pockets so that you do not pull out large amounts of money when in bazaars etc.
  •  Do not go off with anyone claiming to be a guide or someone who can get you cheap tickets to things. Egypt Travel Agency provides extremely comparable rates with any sellers so you can be assured of safety and a top quality service when you book with us.
  •  Egyptians are extremely hospitable and kind and often invite people to their homes and to tour their cities. However, if you are new to Egypt, stay with your guide. People all over the world try to scam tourists, and if you are new to Egypt you will not know the tricks these few people will play with you. Once you have visited a few times, you will be able to discern the difference between regular Egyptian hospitality and those trying to make money from you.
  •  Females should sit in the back of taxis.
  •  Keep phone numbers:

The 24 hours a day, 7 days a week phone number of Egypt Travel Agency:
The transport manager at Egypt Travel Agency:
Your hotel number
Your Tour guide
Local police and ambulance:

These simple tips are good for all travellers to any country. Lastly, if you have any questions before you travel please just ring/email, Skype or go on our online Chat to talk to one of our representatives.