Egypt: “The timeless place where you can spend all the time in the world.”information-egypt
The name of Egypt has changed over many centuries……
Egypt’s land is of a unique nature which is very difficult to be seen anywhere else. It is both old and new. It is a blend of deserts and towering majestic colourful mountains, sandy beaches with their turquoise refreshing waters, colourful fish and matchless coral reefs.

It is a place where you can discover and explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World, information-egypt-pyramidexplore the breathtaking temples and be in awe as you get transported back in time to really relive the history of Egypt. Here you can take the opportunity to see the ancient mummies before the campaigns are successful to get them put back in their tombs. Experience a changing Egypt, one where the old and the new live together side by side.

Egypt is more than a county to visit. She has more than dead tombs and mummies to see. She offers more than sunbathing and fun for all travellers. She offers more than just a different place to be. Egypt offers you her heart and a people full of patience and care. Egypt offers you her soul; that you may drink from the Nile and be forever smitten. Egypt offers you her tears; that she will not be forgotten. Egypt opens her heart and arms to you. People who visit Egypt don’t just return with souvenirs but with a small piece of Egypt in their hearts.

Visit Egypt and enjoy a land of mystery. Egypt is a crossroad of three different continents; egypt weather infoit is a part of Africa, the Sinai Peninsula is part of Asia and the Mediterranean Sea plays an important role to connect Egypt with Europe. It is also a part of the Arabic world: the Middle East, therefore Egypt is the heart and the centre of culture and civilization to the whole world. Egypt, a land full of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again.

What made Egypt what it is today? Centuries of change have contributed to the Egypt you will visit today. There is more to Egypt then pyramids and our specialist Egypt Travel Agency Egyptologists would like nothing more than to help you step back through History and discover the depths of changes brought on by a multitude of invasions, eras, battles and victories.

Pharaonic Era (3100 BC – 332 BC)
Greek Era (332 BC – 32 AD)
Roman Era (32 AD – 638 AD)
Coptic Era (starting from 65 AD)
Islamic Era: starting with the Islamic conquest of Egypt (640 AD – 1517 AD)
Ottoman Rule (1517 – 1882)
French Invasion (1798)
British Colonization of Egypt (1882 – 1952)
The 23rd of July Revolution (1952) British troops leave Egypt in 1954.
The 6th of October War (1973)
Egypt signs a Peace Treaty with Israel (1979)
Hosni Mubarak – president of the Arab Republic of Egypt (1981)
Revolution begins against the Egyptian government (25 January 2011)
Hosni Mubarak is no longer the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt (11 February 2011)